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Very tiring, very sweaty, and a lot of fun - if we had to highlight three things about our most popular service, the trampoline, we’d definitely highlight these first! The kids love it and even the older ones don't want to miss the opportunity either. If you need a place where you can feel like a true child for some hours, the trampoline is definitely the place for you! 

You can use the trampoline for other games too, including Battle Beam, dodgeball, or using the Interactive Wall. 

The easiest way to try the trampoline is with our all-in ticket, which costs 1800 HUF/day. With our all-in ticket, you can use the Ninja-course and trampoline unlimited as well as all of our sports fields (the football and the beach volleyball courts), unless it's pre-booked.



it was everyone's favorite game in PE, but we changed the game up a little - here the game is not played on a smooth track, but on a trampoline! The game is played by two teams, the maximum number is 12. The goal is to knock out as many players as possible from the opponent's team and protect yourself from any balls flying towards you. Good fun is guaranteed, but keep in mind that comfortable clothing is a must, and aiming at the opponent's is strictly forbidden!

Battle Beam

Do you have the temper of a fighter? Then Battle Beam is perfect for you! The game is played in two halves, with two players, and the "weapon" is a Battle Stick that you use to push your opponent into the deep. The winner is the one who can stay afloat, but if you fall down, you don't have to be scared either - you're guaranteed to get soft. The same rules apply here as for the dodgeball: fun first, but also pay attention to your partner’s safety!

Interactive Wall

Are your reflexes good? You sure? Test this with us! During the game, different lights flash, and your task is to knock them down as fast as possible. Of course, you will not be standing in one place, jumping high in this game is not only recommended but downright mandatory!


  • Children under the age of 7 can only use the trampoline with adult supervision.
  • The maximum weight is 110 kg.
  • Using the trampoline while intoxicated is forbidden.
  • Pregnant women cannot use the trampoline.
  • You must wear non-slip socks while using the trampoline. You can buy the socks at our Sport Bar for 500 HUF.
  • Wearing shoes on the trampoline is forbidden.
  • Before using the trampoline, please take off your glasses, jewelry, and any other accessories that can cause injury.
  • Please don't do any backflips.
  • Don't bring any food or drinks to the trampoline. Chewing gum while jumping is forbidden.
  • Use your mobile phones or camera at your own risk! We do not take responsibility for any injuries caused by those devices.


  • Cancellation policy: It can be canceled or modified free of charge 48 hours in advance. Free date modification in case of rain.


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